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    The henry outstanding bearing Co., Ltd. of Huangyan of Zhejiang is located in the township of the beautiful Chinese mandarin orange --Huangyan , Taizhou. Taizhou Huangyan China plastic township of mould, add Taizhou way bridge hardware distributing centre ,etc. region advantage, have created very convenient condition in order that we specialize in various kinds of " precise car one of one set of circles of bearing ".
    The company produces the precise car one of one set of circles of bearing mainly, rely mainly on " O " , a kind of products of " UC " , produces ¦µ 30 of external diameter of size range - ¦µ 120mm, annual production 15 million, can come kind , come pursue and hi-
    ghly difficult and nonstandard precise train pieces of product according to the needs of user. The company produces the bearing car one and forms a complete set for many years for every large and medium-sized bearing factory, win trust from finished product factory of the bearing deeply Trust and great kindness.
    The company was established so far since 1994, the quality of pursueing being outstanding constantly, regarded quality as the lives of enterprises. Engineers and technicians and technical staff above academic credentials of junior college with abundant experience of the company, bearing full-automatic production line , lathe , level of one set of circles are not be in the mood for grinding machine , one pair of terminal surfaces grinding machine and frock production line , there is perfect checkout equipment , sound quality certification system, constantly the transformation is upgrading the production equipment, guarantee product quality.
    The company does not forget with the high-quality products , prices , fine services of the favour constantly , make credible henries of outstanding brands meticulously. The henry outstanding bearing Co., Ltd. of Huangyan of Zhejiang, welcome old and new customers to patronize heartily, henry of outstanding staff will serve you as before .
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